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I am no man

Photo presents

This morning I had A Thought.
(Shocking, I know.)
It may just be A Thought, or it good be A Really Good Idea.
Here goes:

Presents are one of the best things in life. I'm too broke for real presents and have such bad handwriting that the post office would probably give up and burn anything I tried to send.
So I thought I could give everyone photo-presents.
Confused? Me too. Let me explain:
Is there anything you've ever wanted to see a picture of but haven't? Now's your chance! I'm off to New York tomorrow, the city of cityness. If something exists, it's probably there.
So if you've ever wanted to see...

  • A flying cat on a subway

  • Someone imitating a cartoon character

  • Me holding up a sign with your name, "I need a hug", "3l\/35 4R3 L337" or something.

...then it's your lucky day, punk.

P.S.: Nothing too illegal or impossible. So "someone doing a line off a hooker" wouldn't work, because my mum would kill me if she saw the picture. So no dice with "a dragon eating a small dog" or "crazed hobbit orgies" either.
But if you happen to see that last one let me know.


I think a kiss would be nice - levels of naughtiness and gender of kissers entirely up to you. Thank you for this!
A flower growing out of concrete!
Hanging off a light pole gracefully, ala singing in the rain.
Someone laughing really hard.
I just want Lili being Lili. Do something very you.