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I am no man

Contrary to popular belief, I'm alive!
Ahem. I've been busy, I've been sick, and there was a whopper of a personal life issue.
But I'm back!
So, dears, tell Aunt Lili what you've been up to.


Oh, hurrah! I was worried you had vanished in a little poof of pink smoke.
Well, I rather had.
But then I re-appeared in another flash of pink smoke.
And then I decided the pink smoke was a little hokey, so now I'm here to stay.
Yay! ::does the back-to-life dance::

'S been a drudge of winter. Midterms, frigid weather, etc. Must go spice up life!
Yay Lili! I was wondering where you had gone off to.

All I've been up to is living the college life, sans drinking.
College life!
The light at the end of the tunnel of Hi!school hell.
Go you.
My Lili! I am so happy to see you have returned.
I'm so glad to have word from you!! *snoggles*
yaaaaay you're back!

well, i have been spending lots of money on cameras and class rings, and playing oboe a lot, but that's about it.
Yay! I'm glad your back. :)
I've been missing you and being too busy to do anything with spare time except yammer online and sleep. Good to see you're back! :D
All's I've been up to is lusting and loving and lots of college. Bleh.

Do tell US what YOU'VE been up to! <3